Monday, July 6, 2009

Roleplay: Family History 3: Euclase's story

After graduation, the Euclase joined the Opoluto military and trained to be a medic. However, after going through basic training and learning the basic techniques of Escrima and medicine, Opoluto lost the war and thus, Euclase became unemployed without ever seeing combat. As the economy was poor since they had just lost a war and it was difficult to find work in Vespanola as she used to work for the defeated Opoluto, Granado Espada looked like the land of opportunity. However, reaching the new land wasn't going to be easy.

First, she erased her name from her family's registry to sever the link to her Opolutian past. Traveling alone by night and swimming along the river channels, Euclase evaded the newly installed Vespanola patrols who were there to squelch any unrest from the local populace. After hundreds of miles and many days, she managed to sneak into a prosperous port city of Vespanola. There, taking odd and menial jobs, Euclase befriended the local Vespanolans and became a citizen. At that point, it became straightforward to save up enough to purchase a ticket for one to Granado Espada.

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