Monday, July 6, 2009

Roleplay: Family History 4: Hester's story

Like Euclase, Hester became unemployed after their unit disbanded. She stayed in her city but the economic situation became so bad that people were drinking water and eating grass because they could not afford proper food. There were bloated dead bodies on the streets every morning and her neighbors were just waiting for a chance to escape from the situation. After heading about the success of her former classmate's escape, Hester decided that there was nothing to lose and to give escape a try.

In the dead of the night, Hester and a small group of her friends headed out with backpacks full of supplies. As they were traveling in a group, taking the river route like Euclase was dangerous as they could be easily spotted by patrols. Therefore, Hester and her group headed into the mountains. Traveling through the mountains was treacherous. If one's backpack was tipping one off balance, it was better to lose the backpack. Unfortunately, a few of Hester's traveling partners did not heed that warning and tumbled off the narrow paths to their deaths. Fortunately, Hester was able to make it through the mountains safely and reached the same Vespanolan port city as Euclase.

By the time Hester reached the port city, Euclase already left for Granado Espada. Working as a waitress, Hester was able to make a decent living. When Hester read Euclase's letter about the wonders Granado Espada, Hester made the journey there herself. By claiming Hester as part of her family, Hester had a hassle free trip and did not have to fill out any paperwork.

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