Monday, July 6, 2009

Roleplay: Family History

Our clan has expressed an interest in recording the family histories of its members. Therefore, we started looking back at our own histories, mostly of the time before this journal was created. We don't have enough for a complete story yet but we can at least jot down fragments that could be incorporated.
  • Our family name, Kenmar, comes from our geographic place of origin and has no other special meaning that we know of. Basically, the original family members got together one day and thought that it would be good to name their new family after their place of origin as that place is 354 years old as of this entry.
  • The family members on the current family roster are actually the 2nd generation of the family and have never actually seen the Old World. They joined the family in Granado Espada and are fashion conscious, changing their appearances every so often.
  • The first generation of the family (the originals) were made up of each of the five professions. Their names were Euclase the Scout, Hester the Fighter, Elizabeth the Elementalist, Dorothy the Wizard, and Sylvia the Musketeer. They are no longer in Granado Espada and have passed along the outfits that they always wore as heirlooms for future family members.
  • Euclase, being the Scout, as the first to arrive in the Granado Espada. She traveled alone in a wooden ship that eventually docked at Port Coimbra. After filling out the immigration paperwork and getting settled, she invited Hester and Elizabeth to join her in Reboldeaux and thus the family began their adventures.
  • Our history back in the Old World is murky as the original family members are no longer with us. We should have asked them while they were still here. However, we do know that they attended the same school, as evidenced by a set of school uniforms they have left behind. They may have even been part of the same class. In any case, they've formed a tight bond during their time there, enough for 5 biologically unrelated people to declare themselves as one family.
  • As to why the family is in the Granado Espada, it is mostly the same reason why most people would immigrate anywhere, economic opportunities and the adventure of exploring the unknown.
  • There is also no record of the original family members back in the Old World. Due to certain circumstances, their names and links to their ancestors were erased from the written registries. This allows them to hide from their pursuers back in the Old World and is a major reason why a new family was formed just for Granado Espada. Although the time of chaos has long passed and there are no longer any pursuers, it's just not worth the effort to get their names back on the registry as that is an Old World custom that is not followed in the current world.

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