Sunday, July 12, 2009


We finally found the cowardly Kasanovic family today! Unfortunately, they are no longer baron. After finding them, we circled them a few times like an owl spying a rodent and had a debate among our family members. There were 3 sides to the debate,
  1. The warmongers were quite eager to pull the trigger, or rather the triggers. Pump some bullets and gunpowder bolts into them. We are even prepared to leave our peaceful clan for this.
  2. The pacifists did not want our family to fall into their level by becoming baron. Better to forgive and forget.
  3. The rational side, which eventually won out, did a cost benefit analysis. It was not worth it to work off the sin of becoming baron over only 1 family. They were also not worth the cost of ammunition and a warp scroll.

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