Thursday, July 16, 2009

Violent Ghost Baron

Tonight, we defeated our very first Violent Ghost Baron. After all this time in El Canon de Diablolica, we don't think we have ever singlehandedly defeated a Violent Ghost Baron. The reason being that if we were training pre-Veterans there, we usually did not bring along a healer and therefore retreated to prevent the trainees from getting defeated by the AOE attacks. We also never bothered to bring a pure Veteran team to hunt down the Violent Ghost Baron either. However, today was different.

As our Vincent had high resistance to elemental attacks, we weren't too worried about him. The unknown factor was whether Idge with her pioneer platemail and chain gloves is able to survive the encounter. Fortunately, Idge was able to survive the initial attack after which the Violent Ghost Baron concentrated on our Grace. As Grace is a Veteran, it was a pretty easy battle.

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