Friday, August 14, 2009

Ballista stance

Today, we trained up Claire's Ballista stance to the point where she can use all its skills. Then we put it to the test within the Mansion. The normal attack does splash damage and it was funny to lob huge balls at the heads of enemies but due to the low accuracy, damage is variable. The part that makes this stance interesting is in the skills. Minor Shot shoots instantly if there is enough room otherwise Claire will automatically move out of the way to make room. Up to 7 targets are knocked down so this skill is very useful for crowd control. The drawback is that surviving targets who get back on their feet will concentrate their attention to Claire.

Cannon Bumper is another useful skill in that it hits up to 3 adjacent enemies. It's useful against targets who like to crowd around. Finally, Major Shot is like Minor except except that it hits 10 targets, has a farther range, and does more damage.. So a potential tactic is to start off with Major Shot, knock away anyone who gets too close with Cannon Bumper, and then finish with multiple Minor Shots. The normal automatic attack did not seem useful so far.

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