Friday, August 28, 2009

Catherine party in Reboldeaux

Tonight, we have a gathering of robots. Catherine robots from various families all across the land heeded Everett's call and gathered around her in the city of Reboldeaux. In the above photo, they're the ones with the large white wings. We were one of the first families to arrive.
We even had a special guest appearance by G1-Fynlo who appeared as a girl in a pink dress with angel wings. It was an unexpected appearance as G1-Fynlo suddenly appeared out of thin air as some Catherine robots were running by.
Once we realized G1-Fynlo was there, we gathered around for photos.
The Catherine robots started to self organized into a line.
It almost looks like that Catherine on the far right was stabbed in the chest and an ugly thing is being perverted.
Eventually, G1-Fynlo had to disappear. By this time, more Catherine robots arrived.
Audience members like our Claire also started to gather around a nearby bench for a good view of the spectacle.
Critical mass was reached and even more Catherine robots arrived.
Unable to stay still, the Catherine robots started to play around.
We even had Catherine robots that carried a coffin and a tombstone arrive too.
At this point, the flow of new Catherine robots started to die down and we organized into a line.
For a better photo, it was better to cram together.

We think we probably had 30 Catherine robots gathered in front of the fountain today.
Once the party was over, the Catherine robots scattered. Some straggler stayed behind and released from snow and hearts. There was even a duel between Catherine summoners.

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Deslicer said...

details on the duel:
lvl 38 cath by the family of Paws against lvl 36 cath of the family of Deslicer. neither had armor on.
1 of Paws lloyd's critted Deslicer's cath and ohko'd it.