Friday, August 7, 2009


We haven't journeyed these past 2 weeks so tonight, we decided to train Eduardo in Bonavista River. We wandered through the map and passed by quite a few Veteran and Expert level families there but we managed to find and defeat about 7 Elite Lightning Cockatrices in the span of perhaps 2 hours. For the last 2 cockatrices that we found within the last hour, we obtained the 2 Unknown Ores that Claire wanted. After some conversation between Claire and Claude, Claude had us adopt Claire as part of our family.

Perhaps our Claire needs some playmates her age soon. Viki doesn't qualify as that child is still quite confused.


Ashardalon said...

2 hours? Gosh. I'm there for almost a week now, and only got 1 stone so far... QQ

WW said...

I did AFK overnight once and there were a few other 2 hour sessions in the past before I decided to wait till the map became less crowded. Still, I was surprised that I managed to get both of them in 1 session.