Saturday, August 15, 2009

Interesting afternoon at Gigante Beach

When someone says "hehe" on the beach, something sneaky must be about to happen. In this case, a family named Murasta (of The_Darkness clan) said that just moments before releasing at least 6 Thoracotomy on the west side of Gigante Beach. Like zombies straggling towards unsuspecting civilians, the sleeping beach goers were gruesomely eaten. Perhaps unexpectedly for him, 2 of his fellow clan mates -Washington- and ThunderWeed were also on the beach and got mauled. As we were awake, we moved around just out of reach up and down the beach. This went on for quite a long time before we were distracted by one of our clan mates who were wondering about what was going on over there and we were promptly mauled.

Since we were headed back to quarters, we switched to our undead killing team and took out the Thoracotomy with the help of a fellow clan member. Lesson of the day: Don't run while talking.

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