Sunday, August 23, 2009

Late night's activity

Taking a break from Rion Hollows, we decided to let our other family members have some fresh air. Some members were let out to enjoy Port Coimbra and to try out the various footwear and gloves we've accumulated. A team was briefly sent on a journey from Via Fluvial all the way to Capybara Plantation. The highlight of the night was when we sent our Adelina The Pirate into Skeleton Dungeon Floor 1 alone. Within a few minutes in, one of the skeletons dropped a recipe for a level 84 Elite Pizarro.

As we don't have a Mysterious Steel Piece, a Capybara Sickle, or a level 84 Adelina (the one eyed one), we doubt we'll be using the recipe anytime soon. Perhaps it'll sell on the market at 1 million vis like the other equivalent recipes.

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