Saturday, August 29, 2009

Scorching Plateau

Getting tired of Skeleton Nest again, we asked our clan leader for a good training location. They suggested the Scorching Plateau so there we went. The Scorching Plateau is a dark dreary place, pretty similar the El Canon and this afternoon was our first extended stay in it. There were other families wandering around the map so it wasn't one of those abandoned areas. It was pretty difficult to find a scenic spot so we posed in the most scenic landmark we could find, which was a tall waterfall. Oh, and that outfit Eloise the Elementalist is wearing isn't a costume but a level 92 Elite La Ventisca.

During our few hours in Scorching Plateau today, we picked up a few items, including a Shaft Hammer recipe, and a recipe for a level 92 Elite La Ventisca. Crafting the Elite La Ventisca took nearly all our vis. The Elite La Ventisca recipe requires 1 Siren's Scale, 100 High Quality Cloth, 50 Mega Etretanium, 50 Mega Ionium, and 10 Triumph Fillers. The Siren's Scale recipe cost 30 million vis and it requires 3 High Quality Emeralds, 50 Solvents, 15 Triumph Fillers, and 1 Elemental Jewel to craft the accessory. Our clan leader helped us acquire 42 Mega Etretanium (we're too poor to afford it at the moment) and thus we were able to put our Andre and Karjalain to work in crafting the recipe. A noticeable difference from the level 100 +5 robe Eloise was wearing before is the higher Fire and Mental resistance.

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