Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So version 3.0 is finally here. After 10 minutes of downloading the new patch, we were able to enter the world. The interface is prettier and the menus are more responsive. At least in the barracks, graphics performance was improved. Heading out into the world, we were pleasantly surprised to find the Experience Cards that we have collected now give 50% more experience. So the dozens of level 90 Experience Cards that used to give 100,000 experience points now gives 150,000 experience points. Checking out warehouse, we noticed that our temporary Diabolic Horns have been moved from the regular inventory into the premium equipment inventory. We guess that means they will count down if we equipped them.

We also noticed that they've changed the way experience is reported for Veteran characters. They have levels now but fortunately, the percentage is still given with 4 digits after the decimal point. (XX.XXXX). We'll have to try out our various family members to see how they perform with the agility update. Can't wait to try out Adelina The Pirate.

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