Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ancient Area

So we caved in yesterday and used our first Ancient Area pass. Our first team to enter was Eloise the elementalist, Iris the musketeer, and Florence the Scout. There was moderate success and we had to travel around to find a stable spot but eventually Iris ran out of pistol bullets while in Sight Shot. We switched the team to Louise the wizard, Florence, and Grace and found that it was much easier to survive. Grace's Gigante Blaster kept the mob in control and thus we were even able to survive in the middle of a room. At the moment, we changed to team to Eloise, Florence, and Grace. Grace is such a useful character that she's probably out of the barracks the most.

At the rate of which we collect Hard Clay, we estimate that it would take slightly more than a day to collect enough for a Cinderella armor.

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