Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back from vacation

After a week of vacation, we left the barracks to find things only little different. Our clan has gotten larger but the number of active members are pretty constant. It seemed that they had interesting activities while we were away. The market seemed emptier with several times that we constantly check to be missing (such as Pure Otite and Treasure Cores). Even the Mysterious Powders were missing earlier in the day. We took advantage of the lack of Treasure Cores to offload a bunch of ours and we pleasantly surprised to see them sell so quickly.

Half of today's activities consisted of exploring Feruccio Wall. It was survivable so long as the Jumeau Plaque do not gang together as their lightning attacks are deadly and has a long range. Another hindrance to our survival was the Grim Reaper Leader. We have yet to survive an encounter with him and had to be evacuated back to barracks quite a few times today because of it. Unfortunately, we did not find any treasures of interest today.

The other half of today's activities was spent chatting away at Gigante Beach. Nothing special there and our Brunie is very close to reaching level 60.

Near the end of the evening, we took a dip at the steaming waters of the Scorching Plateau but the boys of the DelCorno family wandered by and started gawking at us as if they've never seen people in swimsuits playing with water. It made us a bit self conscious so we backed away slowly.

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