Thursday, September 3, 2009

Evening's activities

Tonight, we attempted to have our Fighter, Maria, hunt by herself in Bahamar Wetlands. She was using Mighty Cruz and it didn't work too well as it was a slow stance. This allowed the Swamp Graverobbers to bunch up and use their poison attacks. Physically, she is able to survive but the hunting was too slow to make it worthwhile.

Next she moved on to Skeleton Nest level 3. The first thing she saw there upon arrival was a Boneless. It took quite awhile to defeat that Boneless along with at least 2 dozen healing potions due to its magic attacks. After it was defeated, Maria spent a small amount of time smashing hordes of skeletons. However, it was quite boring so we moved on.

We visited El Antiguo Patrimonio tonight but our Royalist forces were not strong enough to take on the creatures in the first arena. It was defeating all who dared opposed it, including the Experts and various clan leaders. Needless to say, no one got past the Diablo in the next map although there was some evidence that someone tried.

To top the night off, we had Eloise, Iris, and Florence visit Feruccio Wall. Seeing as how they survived Scorching Plateau so well, we figured that it may be the same with Feruccio Wall. Indeed, it was slightly more difficult but quite survivable so long as no more than 6 targets attacked at the same time. We wondered if there were any interesting treasure that could drop there.

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Snowhusky said...

92e Pandera Jacket (wiz) can drop, as well as the lvl 100 Grim Reaper's Scythe! I want that weapon :3