Sunday, September 20, 2009

Grim Reaper Leader

After getting defeated by him over a dozen times, we managed to defeat him for the first time today in Feruccio Wall. It was a tough fight but without Jumeau Plaque interfering, it was only a matter of time before the leader fell. As the Jumeau Plaque spawn like rabbits, it was a race against time to kill the leader before a horde of Jumeau Plaque set upon us. There wasn't any interesting treasures from the leader but we get to see him spew yellow flower petals as he faded away.

On another topic, it seems the price of level 100 enchantment chips dropped suddenly yesterday. We managed to snag 2 of them for 20 million each and made a Veteran Ancestral Ice Bracelet and a Veteran Ancestral Fire Bracelet for the magic users of our family. We thought of possibly making more weapons but figured that we could make the elite level 92 versions of the melee weapons in the future.

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