Thursday, September 17, 2009

More tests

So last evening, we had our Adelina fight by herself in the third floor of Skeleton Nest. Whereas before she required 2 attack cycles to defeat the skeletons there, now she only needed one. This made her solo training there easier as the skeletons are no longer able to gang up on her.

We also tested out our Baek Ho and Lisa in Rion Hollows. Their ability to survive there unaided seems to have improved, perhaps due to them being able to defeat the wildlife there quicker. Perhaps we'll let them train there overnight someday.

Finally, we did a rough test of the experience gain from the lower level creatures by having Brunie and Tiburon train overnight (slightly less than 7.5 hours) with Grace at Gigante Beach. Fortunately, we were not interrupted but a family down the beach from us was not so lucky. The experience boost was noticeable as our Brunie went from level 59 to 64 while our Tiburon went from level 45 to 54. In the past, they would have only gained about 2/3rd as much. Another reason we chose Brunie and Tiburon was to prepare them for a test of their agility in combat as Brunie has 9 AGI and Tiburon has 8 AGI.

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