Monday, September 14, 2009

Quiet evening

The only treasure of moderate interest tonight as a recipe for an elite level 84 dragon bayonet. This recipe was found in Feruccio Wall and we doubt we will ever have a use of it due to it requiring a Mysterious Steel Piece to craft. We were pleasantly surprised that those maps were not empty tonight. We met someone from The_Darkness clan in Scorching Plateau looking for the map boss and there were two other families in Feruccio Wall.

Tonight's discussion within the clan involved the prices of certain items like the White Reaper ring. Apparently, someone listed it on the market for 80 million and we wondered if it actually sold at that price as there is now another listing for 85 million. We were interested to see if the ring will sell for anywhere near that price. A blank elite 92 Iron Pistol was also listed for 300 million but after calculating the cost of the ingredients, it sadly didn't seem so outrageous anymore. Perhaps we'll farm for Pure Otite sometime.

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