Friday, October 30, 2009

Semana de los Muertos Day 3

Another night of Strolling Witch quests. Our warehouse is rapidly filling up with the temporary back costumes. Tonight's results:
  • 26:38 - Chose the Revenant (our 2nd) and assigned it to Eduardo since he's familiar with the Land of the Dead and has a mysteriously sketchy past. This quest involved the Plain Phobitan Imps of Lago Celeste and the Grim Reapers of Ferruccio Wall.
  • 25:55 - Chose the Revenant (our 3rd) and assigned it to Gracielo since he accidentally killed that trooper during his wild period. This quest involved the Villains of Topolo Durga and the Swamp Spider Crabs of the Bahamar Wetlands.
  • 25:41 - Chose the Deadly Cross (our 3rd) and assigned it to Claire as she looks pretty cute praying with a giant cross. This quest involve the Diseased Capybara of Abertal and the Skeleton Raptors and it was our first time receiving it. Initially, we were planning to visit the third floor of Skeleton Nest to fight the raptors there but after warping into the dungeon, we realized that it would be a very long run from the Ancient Area entrance located near the entrance on the first floor. Therefore, we visited Ustier Zona Cuatro and found a horde of Skeleton Raptors greeting us. We actually managed to finish this entire quest in a record 20 minutes because the horde of Skeleton Raptors were coming at us behind every tree and giant dinosaur. It was actually quite fun to have Grace run through the map, blasting her shotgun with Gigante Blaster every few steps.

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