Thursday, October 29, 2009

Semana de los Muertos Quests Day 2

We completed 3 more quests from the Strolling Witch tonight. We beat our best times for each of them and received the following bonus rewards in addition to the standard set of rewards.
  • 28:01 - We chose the Revenant permanent back costume. This costume consists of 3 ghosts that futilely grab at the victim. The regular Adelina seems to deserve this one as she may be haunted by her past.
  • 27:30 - We chose the Bloody Coffin permanent back costume and gave it to our Calypso. Perhaps it'll come in handy for her assassination targets.
  • 27:07 - We chose another Deadly Cross permanent back costume. We weren't sure on who to present this one to so we had Brunie carry it instead. If we find a more suitable person like this guy, we'll move the cross.

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