Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving activities

Last week's activities were pretty tame as it was the Thanksgiving holidays. Certain maps in certain channels were missing but we still took the opportunity of train in maps that would normally be a catastrophic failure (technical difficulties). As such, we've:
  • Trained Baek Ho and Lisa Lynway to level 76. Our Baek Ho was using an ordinary level 72 knuckle but the stun enchantment really came in useful.
  • Trained Soso to level 75. Our vacation ended before we could get her to level 76 on that map.
  • Trained Claire to level 70. This was enough for her to start using the level 70 experience cards and as such she's halfway to level 71.
  • Recruited Alejandro. The Octopus tentacle scarf in our warehouse finally gets used. He has a whopping 9 STR but only 4 AGI. His frozen swordfish polearm is definitely a keeper.
  • Had Gertrude train by himself. He's such a manly man and able to take care of things by himself that we left him alone for awhile (but not overnight).
We also took a look at the prices of various items in the market. Their prices are mostly steady with the exception of Quarter Slots which recently had a large drop in prices but have since started rising again. With the exception of Pure Otite (none were listed), we saved their median values into the graph that we included in previous entries.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Small treasures

Not much new the past week as we've only been venturing out of the barracks for only about half an hour each day. However, we did manage to get:
  • A rough blue stone from Scorching Plateau. It dropped from one of the normal creatures as there are no treasure creatures on that map and we did not encounter the map boss. Perhaps one of the Kragen dropped it as they drop the Transparent Unknown Ore used for a quest. We used 200 reputation points to craft it into a Zircon. This was the first stone we've found (other than the default green one given by Claire's quest) and we were initially excited until we checked the market to determine its worth and discovered that it was relatively cheap. In any case, these crafted jewels are sitting on our warehouse as we're lost on what to socket them into.
  • A level 84 Elite Striform recipe from Bahamar Wetlands. We got this one yesterday but due to the chaos of the map, wasn't sure which creature dropped it. It was one of the items that littered the landscape after some well placed Blazing Pillar spells. We already had a jar of Sky Blue Dye in our warehouse so we spent 10 million to purchase 2 High Quality Sapphires in order to have our Andre craft it. Unfortunately, the crafted striform did not have any useful enchantments nor did we have anyone to assign it to so it was stuffed into the warehouse.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Expanding the family

Tonight, we discovered that we had 11 more Quarter Slots to expand our barracks. We used 5 of them and recruited Najib, Panfilo, Gertrude, Jose, and Ramiro. It took us awhile to decipher what Ramiro was muttering but apparently, he speaks Korean. For now, we'll train them up to about level 48 such that they could lighten the load on our warehouse.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

First time in El Dorado

This afternoon, with help from Dimonda-Silk, we managed to gather the 10 memos from the Scarlet Underground as requested by Emilia. After a brief visit with Brunie to craft a key, we were on our way to El Dorado. We found it funny that Emilia referred to Brunie as a man in his younger days.

We got a tour of the place and it seems that the corn stalks wants excrement.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More event rewards for the final day

As today is the last day of the event, we tallied up our results from the last few days that were not already listed in the previous entries. Our records are:
  • 24:41 - Chose the Bloody Coffin (2nd)
  • 23:59 - Bloody Coffin (3rd). This completes our goal of having 3 of each type of permanent back costumes.
  • 23:53 - Deadly Cross. We barely made this one and didn't have time to check the watch.
  • 23:08 - Revenant. Got a easier map (Lago Celeste / Ferruccio Wall) so it was easier to beat the record.
  • 19:58 - Deadly Cross. Same map as above.
The 105 experience cards should come in useful as it represents at least 50 million points of experience. Our warehouse is stuffed full from the temporary back costumes and our inventory is near capacity. We should really use them up sometime but for now, we'll head into the barracks for a long rest.