Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More event rewards for the final day

As today is the last day of the event, we tallied up our results from the last few days that were not already listed in the previous entries. Our records are:
  • 24:41 - Chose the Bloody Coffin (2nd)
  • 23:59 - Bloody Coffin (3rd). This completes our goal of having 3 of each type of permanent back costumes.
  • 23:53 - Deadly Cross. We barely made this one and didn't have time to check the watch.
  • 23:08 - Revenant. Got a easier map (Lago Celeste / Ferruccio Wall) so it was easier to beat the record.
  • 19:58 - Deadly Cross. Same map as above.
The 105 experience cards should come in useful as it represents at least 50 million points of experience. Our warehouse is stuffed full from the temporary back costumes and our inventory is near capacity. We should really use them up sometime but for now, we'll head into the barracks for a long rest.

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