Thursday, November 19, 2009

Small treasures

Not much new the past week as we've only been venturing out of the barracks for only about half an hour each day. However, we did manage to get:
  • A rough blue stone from Scorching Plateau. It dropped from one of the normal creatures as there are no treasure creatures on that map and we did not encounter the map boss. Perhaps one of the Kragen dropped it as they drop the Transparent Unknown Ore used for a quest. We used 200 reputation points to craft it into a Zircon. This was the first stone we've found (other than the default green one given by Claire's quest) and we were initially excited until we checked the market to determine its worth and discovered that it was relatively cheap. In any case, these crafted jewels are sitting on our warehouse as we're lost on what to socket them into.
  • A level 84 Elite Striform recipe from Bahamar Wetlands. We got this one yesterday but due to the chaos of the map, wasn't sure which creature dropped it. It was one of the items that littered the landscape after some well placed Blazing Pillar spells. We already had a jar of Sky Blue Dye in our warehouse so we spent 10 million to purchase 2 High Quality Sapphires in order to have our Andre craft it. Unfortunately, the crafted striform did not have any useful enchantments nor did we have anyone to assign it to so it was stuffed into the warehouse.

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Ashardalon said...

I heard rough-stones can also drop from Stones, i.e. those rocks that you can hit for 1 damage per hit.