Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving activities

Last week's activities were pretty tame as it was the Thanksgiving holidays. Certain maps in certain channels were missing but we still took the opportunity of train in maps that would normally be a catastrophic failure (technical difficulties). As such, we've:
  • Trained Baek Ho and Lisa Lynway to level 76. Our Baek Ho was using an ordinary level 72 knuckle but the stun enchantment really came in useful.
  • Trained Soso to level 75. Our vacation ended before we could get her to level 76 on that map.
  • Trained Claire to level 70. This was enough for her to start using the level 70 experience cards and as such she's halfway to level 71.
  • Recruited Alejandro. The Octopus tentacle scarf in our warehouse finally gets used. He has a whopping 9 STR but only 4 AGI. His frozen swordfish polearm is definitely a keeper.
  • Had Gertrude train by himself. He's such a manly man and able to take care of things by himself that we left him alone for awhile (but not overnight).
We also took a look at the prices of various items in the market. Their prices are mostly steady with the exception of Quarter Slots which recently had a large drop in prices but have since started rising again. With the exception of Pure Otite (none were listed), we saved their median values into the graph that we included in previous entries.

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