Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tonight's tiger progress

We spent part of the afternoon and most of the late evening playing the tiger number guessing game. Our score is now 850. We'll try to get it to 1000 some other day but probably not tomorrow as we're be celebrating the New Year in the barracks.

A tiny tiger appears

Today, a wanderer and his tiny tiger appeared in channel 1 of Port Coimbra. The wanderer accepts up to 30 red ores per hour to participate in the number guessing game. Pure minerals are accepted too with no limit. As we collected a whole bunch of red ores this afternoon, we manage to use a portion of it tonight to play the guessing game. The worthwhile prizes we won are White Tiger Fur and Sharp Black Claws. They're consumables but we have yet to use them to see what they do. As of right now, we have 104 points in the game.

From the Christmas guy, we also received a Santa Hat and another Rudolph Hat. We were hoping for another Veteran Experience card though but hat aren't bad either.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

He lies!

This guy is such a liar. Instead of giving what he said he would give us, we got 6 level 90 experience cards and 1 Rudolph Hat instead. Still, we are more than halfway done with our third set of Snow Drops and shall try again tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rion & Snow Drops

This afternoon, we were in a squad in Shinx fighting the creatures in Rion dungeon, first floor. Our particular mission was to level Jack with a secondary goal of collecting Snow Drops. Those forum entries praising Rion dungeon as a good place to collect Snow Drops turned out to be true as we are now near completing our second set of 50.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Finally did the Christmas Event

Tonight, we managed to collect the rest of the required 50 Snow Drops. We found that Gigante Beach was a pretty easy place to collect them as they seemed to drop quite often there. Our first try at repeating the lyrics was a total failure as some really long phase/paragraph appeared and we only had 10 seconds to repeat it. Even at our fastest, we were only able to repeat less than a quarter of it. The lyrics for the second attempt was more manageable as it was just 1 long sentence rather than a paragraph. We managed to repeat it just in time and received the following awards: 6 Level 90 Experience Cards (560,000 points), 1 Veteran Experience Card (14 million points), a Snowman, a Christmas Tree, a Christmas Stocking, and a Christmas Firecracker.
The description for the Snowman doesn't seem to indicate what it does.
The tree is pretty cryptic too.

Lucky find in the market

While performing the weekly spot check of the market prices tonight, we managed to purchase 220 Mission Lobby Highway 2 and 107 Mission Lobby Interchange 1 all from a seller named bluedruid at a bargain price of the low thousands for each one. Assuming that each one takes us 10 minutes to complete, these mission lobbies should keep us occupied for many nights to come.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day's activities

Still interested in trying the event at least once (even though it had lots of bad reviews), we pressed on to collect the Snow Drops. By the end of the night, we managed to have a total of 25. Perhaps trying another map such as Rion Hollows might be faster but we're not in any particular hurry as we now know the date of when it ends.

Something funny and unexpected happened today. While hunting in Bahamar Wetlands, we follow a particular tactic in gathering about a dozen creatures. Once enough creatures are following us, we time it such that Blazing Pillar would be activated just when they are within range and thus eliminate most of them. If the timing is off, we can get in serious trouble with the spiders' Venom attacks and the bulls' charge attacks. Imagine our surprise when the skill refused to activate and we discovered that we ran out of Elemental Orbs. In the confusion, we forgot that our musketeer also had a wide area attack and thus our trip ended like a horror film. Back in town, we brought the 9999 maximum that Emilia was willing to sell us at any given purchase.

We also helped out a younger family today with Mission Lobbies Highway 1, 2, and Interchange 2. Highway 1 was too easy for us but it was the other family's first mission lobby. Interchange 2 ended badly as we were unprepared to deal with the flying creatures (2 grounded wizard types just isn't going to work in defense). Highway 2 was surprisingly productive for us as we managed to obtain the unique level 52 weapon Beam-gun. This weapon can be broken down into a Porto Bello Vindictive Stone for use in crafting a level 92 elite weapon. We'll take a photo once we have access to better photo taking equipment.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snow Drops

During the past 2 days (24th and 25th), we only spent about half an hour outside of the barracks. During that time, we noticed a new visitor dressed in a red suit in Port Coimbra challenging us to donate items to him. Figuring that this was the holiday event for this year, we went out to try to collect the 50 Snow Drops requested. Unfortunately, in all that time, we only managed to obtain 2 of them after defeating hundreds of creatures. With all the festivities going on and us enjoying it in the barracks, it looks unlikely that we'll be able to collect the requested Snow Drops anytime soon. If there is a short time limit for this one (which we have been unable to find detailed information about), we might not even be able to fulfill his request at all. Pretty disappointing actually.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Really that rare?

Ever since the snails started appearing yellow (from orange) to our elementalist and musketeer, these shells started appearing. We just tripped over another one late this afternoon while blowing up hordes of spiders that so happened to have a snail as a bystander. Then we hear stories about people finding only one over a 6 month period or getting frustrated about not finding one over a solid 5 hour period and we wonder if we're lucky or if running around the swamp makes a difference. We were only out of the barracks for about 3 hours today and haven't planned to venture out again as the world prepares for a possible holiday event.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lucky crafting

We managed to purchase some relatively inexpensive High Quality Sapphires today (3.5 million each when it ranged from that to 12 million). This allowed us to craft the scout armor recipe we picked up the other day. To our pleasant surprise, the initial enchantment done by Andre was quite good, almost matching the plate mail crafting awhile back. It also reminded us on how much we gold spent trying and failing to upgrade a Laranja to +6 in the past.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Snail Shell

We managed to pick up another Snail Shell late this afternoon. It was a pleasant surprise as we were not hunting snails in particular but swamp spiders (to complete the Memorial Quest). Upon heading back to Port Coimbra, we discovered that these shells were being listed for between 230 to 240 million vis each. It's tempting to cash in on these now but we think we'll hold on to it until we actually need the vis to spend it on something worth buying.

We also had one of those rare long chats with the leader of our clan today. One of the more memorable topics of discussion was about the amount of gold spent by the more highly active families, especially those belonging to the top clan with which our leader has experienced first hand for awhile recently. The sum of gold that passes from their hands into the bazaar is so mind boggling that we hadn't even imagined it except as a distant possibility.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snail shell

While roasting some critters in Bahamar Wetlands tonight, we managed to pick up our very first Snail Shell. These are apparently popular items for trade but we do not know their prices yet. Another treasure we picked up tonight from the same map was a recipe for a Naranja e Preto (elite level 84 scout armor). For only about 2 and a half hours of adventuring, it's been pretty productive.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

More mission lobbies

Tonight, the Conella's family Jack once again helped train our Jack in the ways of construction. After a few Trinity 3s, we tried a few of the other mission types. Pictured above is Spotlight level 2 which turned out to be quite boring. However, it was an easy mission so our Jack was able to practice his construction skills.. To spice things up, we decided to do a Mission Lobby Trinity 4 afterwards.

While waiting for our other family members to show up, the DelCorno family of the Aeon clan joined us and our group of 3 families did 2 rounds of Mission Lobby Trinity 4s together. There was an unexpectedly large amount of treasures and our inventory filled up rather quickly with equipment between the levels 80 through 88. There were 2 level 84 elite items that dropped in addition to various chips (level 92s and even a level 96). Overall, it was pretty productive.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jack's night out

Tonight, we let our old man Jack out of the barracks for a night out. One of the more interesting sights in town was a Soso trio of the Mireles family.
Afterwards, our Jack met up with a fellow Jack and partied in Mission Lobby Trinity 3. It was quite productive and the other family's Jack helped our Jack level from 48 to 51 in much less time than if we were did it ourselves. We also managed to pick up an elite level 52 Brown Bess rifle.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More pretty lights

It must be a fad to open Bellem's Boxes to create a pretty pattern. It almost inspires us to try it and perhaps we shall in the coming days.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Idge at level 100 & other thoughts

Tonight, we trained our Idge to level 90 at El Canon. This allowed her to use the level 90 Experience Cards we've saved up and through it, she reached level 99 & 99%. We topped off that last 1% in Skeleton Nest. We've noticed that the experience cards we received from the Halloween Event gave 8 - 9% each so it was pretty entertaining to watch her repeatedly light up as she gobbled up each card. With Idge at level 100, we'll be able to craft high level armor recipes by ourselves if we're ever so lucky to come across any in the future. The next people we're thinking of training to level 100 would be M'Boma and normal Adelina but we're no in hurry for those yet.

In Skeleton Nest, we bumped into an old friend and chatted for awhile. It's nice to know which families are still active.

We also discovered an amazing coincidence today but we'll save that for another day. It may inspire us to get out of the barracks more.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Blue Samurai Armor costume

Tonight, we managed to buy the Blue Samurai Armor costume from the market for 35,555,555 vis. This was considered cheap as the next cheapest was 50 million and then about 65 million after that. So we're down to about 9 million vis and raising easy vis just got harder for us as there is a glut of Treasure Cores being listed on the market. We've expanded to selling a few Seal of Pioneer 9s but as we're not sure what use they have other than for quest fulfillment, we're hesitant to list too many at once.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Red Samurai Armor

Tonight, we managed to buy Samurai Armor (Red) for 45 million vis on the market. That's more than half our supply of vis but it's not like we have other things to spend it on. The price seemed relatively decent and it was actually the first time we saw the red version on the market. Hair and the blue version of the costume are still quite expensive.


Last night, we updated the Wiki alittle and received a compliment. It might just be fun to add the goal of gathering information for it in addition to the usual grind to Expert. Costumes still need to be modeled and some of the maps can be explored further.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dragon Tooth

Tonight, our level 75 Soso and level 70 Claire had a fierce fight with Dragon Head in Joaquin Prison. One of the treasures it dropped was a level 80 unique sword named Dragon Tooth. It is our first Dragon Tooth and one of the weapons that can be broken into a Vindictive Stone in order to craft an elite level 92 weapon. We think we'll keep it for looks though.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lack of MPs on market

There's been a lack of Mysterious Powders being listed on the market during the last few days. Perhaps there are no sellers or maybe a buyer is purchasing them all. In any case, there is now a single Mysterious Powder (1 listing of 1 quantity) being listed by wolpertinger for 10 million vis. If her family manages to sell it, it will be a record high in price.

We took a photo of a rare gathering of martial artists hanging out in Port Coimbra. Gracielo missed out on the photo opportunity as he was off in a side street bothering people for food.


While doing our nightly rounds around Port Coimbra this evening, we were surprised by a vast glow taking place. It turns out that Okazakii of The_Darkness clan was opening Bellem's Boxes while running around in figure eights. Occasionally, he would stop to pick up an item here or there but a great majority of the other items quickly disappear. It was quite a pretty sight and reminded us of a certain water fountain show that takes place in front of a fancy hotel. After awhile of seeing good items disappear into the air, we picked up a few of the colored dyes before they disappeared.

In other news, we picked up a level 88 Bronze Whistle from Bahamar Wetlands. This item has an innate ability to give +1 DR to Viki's Summons.