Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Snail Shell

We managed to pick up another Snail Shell late this afternoon. It was a pleasant surprise as we were not hunting snails in particular but swamp spiders (to complete the Memorial Quest). Upon heading back to Port Coimbra, we discovered that these shells were being listed for between 230 to 240 million vis each. It's tempting to cash in on these now but we think we'll hold on to it until we actually need the vis to spend it on something worth buying.

We also had one of those rare long chats with the leader of our clan today. One of the more memorable topics of discussion was about the amount of gold spent by the more highly active families, especially those belonging to the top clan with which our leader has experienced first hand for awhile recently. The sum of gold that passes from their hands into the bazaar is so mind boggling that we hadn't even imagined it except as a distant possibility.


Anonymous said...

you are so lucky! I barely find any snails xD
gtz ^^

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