Saturday, December 12, 2009

Blue Samurai Armor costume

Tonight, we managed to buy the Blue Samurai Armor costume from the market for 35,555,555 vis. This was considered cheap as the next cheapest was 50 million and then about 65 million after that. So we're down to about 9 million vis and raising easy vis just got harder for us as there is a glut of Treasure Cores being listed on the market. We've expanded to selling a few Seal of Pioneer 9s but as we're not sure what use they have other than for quest fulfillment, we're hesitant to list too many at once.


Ashardalon said...

Lv.9 Pioneer Seals are also used in normal necklace recipes, available from Metal Merchant in Auch.

WW said...

Ah those, I should try making one but the cost of Pure Otite is just so high now.