Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day's activities

Still interested in trying the event at least once (even though it had lots of bad reviews), we pressed on to collect the Snow Drops. By the end of the night, we managed to have a total of 25. Perhaps trying another map such as Rion Hollows might be faster but we're not in any particular hurry as we now know the date of when it ends.

Something funny and unexpected happened today. While hunting in Bahamar Wetlands, we follow a particular tactic in gathering about a dozen creatures. Once enough creatures are following us, we time it such that Blazing Pillar would be activated just when they are within range and thus eliminate most of them. If the timing is off, we can get in serious trouble with the spiders' Venom attacks and the bulls' charge attacks. Imagine our surprise when the skill refused to activate and we discovered that we ran out of Elemental Orbs. In the confusion, we forgot that our musketeer also had a wide area attack and thus our trip ended like a horror film. Back in town, we brought the 9999 maximum that Emilia was willing to sell us at any given purchase.

We also helped out a younger family today with Mission Lobbies Highway 1, 2, and Interchange 2. Highway 1 was too easy for us but it was the other family's first mission lobby. Interchange 2 ended badly as we were unprepared to deal with the flying creatures (2 grounded wizard types just isn't going to work in defense). Highway 2 was surprisingly productive for us as we managed to obtain the unique level 52 weapon Beam-gun. This weapon can be broken down into a Porto Bello Vindictive Stone for use in crafting a level 92 elite weapon. We'll take a photo once we have access to better photo taking equipment.

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