Monday, December 28, 2009

Finally did the Christmas Event

Tonight, we managed to collect the rest of the required 50 Snow Drops. We found that Gigante Beach was a pretty easy place to collect them as they seemed to drop quite often there. Our first try at repeating the lyrics was a total failure as some really long phase/paragraph appeared and we only had 10 seconds to repeat it. Even at our fastest, we were only able to repeat less than a quarter of it. The lyrics for the second attempt was more manageable as it was just 1 long sentence rather than a paragraph. We managed to repeat it just in time and received the following awards: 6 Level 90 Experience Cards (560,000 points), 1 Veteran Experience Card (14 million points), a Snowman, a Christmas Tree, a Christmas Stocking, and a Christmas Firecracker.
The description for the Snowman doesn't seem to indicate what it does.
The tree is pretty cryptic too.

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