Monday, December 14, 2009

Idge at level 100 & other thoughts

Tonight, we trained our Idge to level 90 at El Canon. This allowed her to use the level 90 Experience Cards we've saved up and through it, she reached level 99 & 99%. We topped off that last 1% in Skeleton Nest. We've noticed that the experience cards we received from the Halloween Event gave 8 - 9% each so it was pretty entertaining to watch her repeatedly light up as she gobbled up each card. With Idge at level 100, we'll be able to craft high level armor recipes by ourselves if we're ever so lucky to come across any in the future. The next people we're thinking of training to level 100 would be M'Boma and normal Adelina but we're no in hurry for those yet.

In Skeleton Nest, we bumped into an old friend and chatted for awhile. It's nice to know which families are still active.

We also discovered an amazing coincidence today but we'll save that for another day. It may inspire us to get out of the barracks more.

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