Thursday, December 17, 2009

More mission lobbies

Tonight, the Conella's family Jack once again helped train our Jack in the ways of construction. After a few Trinity 3s, we tried a few of the other mission types. Pictured above is Spotlight level 2 which turned out to be quite boring. However, it was an easy mission so our Jack was able to practice his construction skills.. To spice things up, we decided to do a Mission Lobby Trinity 4 afterwards.

While waiting for our other family members to show up, the DelCorno family of the Aeon clan joined us and our group of 3 families did 2 rounds of Mission Lobby Trinity 4s together. There was an unexpectedly large amount of treasures and our inventory filled up rather quickly with equipment between the levels 80 through 88. There were 2 level 84 elite items that dropped in addition to various chips (level 92s and even a level 96). Overall, it was pretty productive.

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