Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Really that rare?

Ever since the snails started appearing yellow (from orange) to our elementalist and musketeer, these shells started appearing. We just tripped over another one late this afternoon while blowing up hordes of spiders that so happened to have a snail as a bystander. Then we hear stories about people finding only one over a 6 month period or getting frustrated about not finding one over a solid 5 hour period and we wonder if we're lucky or if running around the swamp makes a difference. We were only out of the barracks for about 3 hours today and haven't planned to venture out again as the world prepares for a possible holiday event.


Deslicer said...

omg, u are so lucky these past few days, WTB Kenmar's luck

Anonymous said...

lol you're just lucky!
drop rate is 1/10000 snails
considering the speed they move, it's hard to find them.