Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Red Samurai Armor

Tonight, we managed to buy Samurai Armor (Red) for 45 million vis on the market. That's more than half our supply of vis but it's not like we have other things to spend it on. The price seemed relatively decent and it was actually the first time we saw the red version on the market. Hair and the blue version of the costume are still quite expensive.


Anonymous said...

that's interesting,
on orpesia the blue costume is cheaper.
also, I'd say that's a very good price considering it's about equal to 2 100 chips

WW said...

The prices varied quite abit on a day to day basis. There were days when the red one was twice the cost of the blue one. Level 100 chips are about 44 million here. The new hair and Clarie's new costume are still pretty expensive though.