Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snail shell

While roasting some critters in Bahamar Wetlands tonight, we managed to pick up our very first Snail Shell. These are apparently popular items for trade but we do not know their prices yet. Another treasure we picked up tonight from the same map was a recipe for a Naranja e Preto (elite level 84 scout armor). For only about 2 and a half hours of adventuring, it's been pretty productive.


Ashardalon said...

2.5 hours for a Snail Shell is really good. I have been leveling in Marsh for the whole week and only got 1 shell.

I find the name error ("Naranja") on the recipe a bit troublesome, since it won't show up when people search for "Elite Laranja" on the market, making the recipe a bit hard to sell.

Ashardalon said...

Misc items, like keys and Snail Shells, usually have a "1"/"2"/etc superimposed on them to indicate quantity. How do you make the misc items (in your screenshot) not have numbers on them?

WW said...

Yes, I was confused for a second by the name of the recipe when it was on the ground and only remembered what it was when I looked at the description.

For the screenshot, it is the description that appears when the cursor hovers over the item. It still have part of the regular inventory window screen on the right side. I was also chatting with Leo and about to move the item to the warehouse if that makes a difference.