Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brain scans

Tonight, we visited the doctor's house for a brain scan. Normally, the maid will claim that the brain can adapt to anything. She will even say that for Catherine who probably doesn't even have a brain. However, this time, we brought in Gracielo and this was what she said.
Apparently, Gracielo has a weird brain.
Obviously Gracielo didn't like that and starts a ruckus.
Somehow, Gracielo's brain changes each time she scans it.
Gracielo doesn't try to go through with the threat again though.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Something to pass the time

It's going to take awhile to read through all that.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Stuck in town

Looks like there's some major issues with the world tonight. People are stuck in the cities and unable to travel to other channels unless they went through quarters. As clan, squad, and group communications have been cut off, we have no word on what happened to the people outside of the cities.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

State of the economy

It's been a little more than 3 months since we made an entry about the state of the economy on Bristia. During that time there's been events, new items, new boxes, and the obviously inflation. Something notable this month was that the median market manager price of Mysterious Powder has reached 8 digits (10,000,000+ vis) and stayed that way. Of course for private transactions, the price could be as low as 6 million each. In fact, we sold a few to a fellow clan member earlier today at 7.5 million (they picked the price).

The graph above may not be accurate where the lines are horizontal. This is because those items were not being listed on the market at the time we were checking and therefore, we used the value from the week prior. An example of this would be Pure Otite, which we have not seen listed on the market for the past 2 weeks.

For tonight's median prices,
Mysterious Powder - 10 million
Pure Otite - No entries for the past 2 weeks
Treasure Core - 850,000. It was actually 1 million before we balanced it out with a lower priced listing.
Enchantment Chip Level 84 - About 2.3 million
Enchantment Chip Level 92 - About 8 million
Enchantment Chip Level 100 - About 59 million
Upgrade Accelerator - 17 million
Enchant Booster - 13.1 million
Veteran Promotion Scroll - 250 million. This may have been impacted by the recently discount that is expected to last 1 month.
Expert Promotion Scroll - No entries at the moment but it was more than 300 million when we saw it earlier.
Quarter Slot - About 20 million

We're actually not sure on the feso ratio at the moment. It was around 1 feso to 300 vis at the beginning of the month when the tiger event was ongoing. However, we've seen broadcasts about it being at 1:500 and even 1:1000. Perhaps people are rushing to buy tiger pets before the wanderer goes away. We've actually seen a family in Port Coimbra last week begging people to buy their overprice wares in fesos just so that they could purchase the tiger pet boxes.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Last night's activities

Attempted to have Jack (level 72) survive by himself in Joaquin Prison yesterday. It didn't work out so well as his constructions were quickly destroyed and during the time it took for him to rebuild, he was unable to use healing potions. So we were back to our standard Grace/Jack/Catherine again.

Some activities that we were thinking of doing perhaps tomorrow (when the 50% exp bonus is over) is to:
  • Test whether Viki's summons can hit flying creatures.
  • Attempt to travel through the maps only on channel 1 and recording the results.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Helped another with Gertrude's quest

Early yesterday evening, we helped another family with their Joaquin Diaries portion of Gertrude Peterson's recruitment quest. It was one of the most entertaining times we had in months. The quest involved traversing the whole 5 levels of Joaquin Prison in order to look for Gulag Furnaces which contain the Joaquin Diaries. We brought along our wizard (for her Photon Splash skill), Emilia (in case someone is knocked out and also for her ranged attack), and our Grace (for Gigante Blaster). The other family brought along M'Boma, Gracielo, and Grace.

Most of the time, we were running down both sides of the corridor, using our shotguns as we went. For rooms, it would be time to fly. Along the way, we defeated a Vladimir and a Fallen Champion but nothing of significance was dropped. One of the more memorable moments was casting Photon Splash around the other family's Gracielo as they were checking out a Gulag Furnace. A angry mob was forming around Gracielo as he was checking the furnace and no one else was able to reach him in time. It was like being in a survival horror feature but knowing that there will be a happy ending.

In the whole time that we were in the complex, we only encountered at most of 4 other families.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Noticed something a little disturbing

While unsuccessfully attempting to train Jack and Catherine at the Mohrgus of Prison de Joaquin, we were ambushed by a Dragonhead boss. Needless to say, Jack and Catherine were quickly knocked out of action. It was then that we noticed something a little disturbing. We haven't given much thought to the names of the bosses before, but with the head of what looked like a dragon staring us in the face, with it's mouth moving as if trying to say something, we realized where the boss got his name from, and it isn't from the body part sitting on his shoulders.

It's nothing that several Implosions from a Shotgun couldn't fix but it did look strangely exciting to have Grace do it.

Grim Wight

Last night, we picked up a Grim Wight (level 100 30AR Rapier) from the Bahamar Wetlands. We didn't even know that it was possible for it to drop there. Wonder what other level 100 weapons could drop there.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Dashing Detective Costume

Gertrude's Dashing Detective outfit makes it seem has if he has just returned from some great adventure involving steam engines and zeppelins.

Sultan Costume

We're surprised that this outfit seems to add some muscle mass to Najib. We wonder if that's padding.

Centurion Costume

If our Reboldeaux Soldier is ever promoted to Veteran status, this outfit will be required for her quest to be an elite soldier.

Byzantine Costume

This outfit looks quite complex and almost like something not of our world.

Narcissist Costume

The Narcissist outfit has a pretty humorous description. It's quite shiny and has a futuristic look.

Noche Fiesta Costume

The Noche Fiesta outfit makes us this that M'Boma is headed out for a night on the town somewhere. Perhaps dancing the night away and partying with the ladies.

Luxury Disciple

We'll have to take a closer look at the details of this outfit sometime.

Musashi Costume

We do wonder about the purpose of the bandages around his abdomen. A giant but thin sword will work well with this outfit.

Raffine Costume

Brunie's costume is also quite ornate. It has a lot of sharp points like her shoes and cuffs.

White Vent and Bistre costumes

It took us a large number of Karjalain Port boxes to obtain the White Vent outfit last night. We'll have this be Grace's regular outfit, thus replacing her Bistre outfit which she has worn for years.

Qipao Costume

The cherry blossoms are a nice touch.

Andre's Fabulous Costume

This is quite an ornate outfit that fits Andre's personality. We're a little disturbed by all the ruffles as it reminds us of the fanatic jesters.

Grim Phoenix Costume

This outfit reinforces the notion that Gracielo is a punk.

Desperado Costume

We think Jack looks especially cool with this outfit. Quite manly as if he is heading out into a lawless desert town. The skull belt buckle and the what appears to be sticks of dynamite are nice touches.

Grade School Uniform

We purchased 2 Grade School Uniforms last night. Each one can be worn by either Viki, Ramiro, and Tiburon. If Ramiro or Tiburon are promoted to Veteran, they each have their own quest that would require this costume. Looking at the little ribbons on the thigh high socks, I thought that it might lend credit to the rumor that Viki is a girl.
At least that was the case until I noticed that Tiburon's school outfit also had little ribbons on the thigh high socks. We're pretty sure that Tiburon's a boy though.
Fortunately, Ramiro's school outfit has no ribbons.

Samurai Black

We managed to purchase the Samurai costume black version from the market for 30 million. There were so many listings on this on the market that the price has dropped everyday and is getting close to the price of regular costumes. Purchasing this costume means that we have everything we could want from the Andre Port boxes without having to purchase a single one.

Rosa Camellia

Today, we managed to sell the 2 Elite Cockatrice spinnelles from yesterday for about 170 million (after tax). In turn, we purchased the Rosa Camellia from the market for 180 million. This saves us from having to gamble the Andre Port boxes.
Since it's still pretty cold outside, we'll have our fighter Maria continue to wear the Santa outfit until the weather gets warmer.

Shocking news regarding costumes

We learned on the forums today that the permanent costumes from the bazaar with no longer be available when the next update arrives. This called for an emergency meeting in which we requested a shipment of Gold from the old world to outfit our various family members. After all, it may be more expensive due purchase them in the future due to the luck factor. Photos will be available in later posts.

To illustrate the point on the frustration of gambling on boxes to obtain one desired costume, we spent a little over 3000 Gold to obtain the White Vent. Fortunately, we only got 2 Mysterious Keys but unfortunately, we got at least a dozen Samurai helmets of various colors that are only usable by male Fighters. Other things we obtained were 2 Elite Storm Cockatrice spinelles, 2 level 100 enchantment chips, a few (maybe 2) level 92 enchantment chips, and 8 level 90 experience cards giving 920,000+ points each.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Portmanteau boxes

So it appears that the new Portmanteau 2 boxes were made available yesterday while the older Portmanteau 1 boxes are no longer available. It's unfortunate that we never managed to purchase Clair's and Emilia's costumes and they have now risen dramatically in price. We brought 3 of the Karjalain Portmanteau boxes yesterday from the bazaar to try our luck and received an experience card that gave over 900,000 points, a Mysterious Key which we may never use, and 1 level 92 enchantment chip. That one level 92 enchantment chip was especially depressing and dissuaded us from buying more boxes even though the possibility of getting Grace's new costume made it so tempting.

On the bright side, browsing the market yesterday allowed us to practice arbitrage and we managed to produce a level 100 enchantment chip along with increasing our vis by a few million.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Afternoon's activities

Today, we freed up some space in our inventory by destroying the Snow Drops and Red Ores at the Katovic Anvil. While we were there, we decided to look around to see if there are any scenic spots. The spot shown above worked pretty well and we liked how the scenery almost looks like something from a painting.

We also used up the single Mystic Ampule we received from the Holiday Minstrel. It gave a 15 minute buff that increased attack speed, attack power, and movement speed.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Santa Costumes

Tonight, we received our last two Santa costumes (Fighter & Musketeer) to complete the collection. We had wanted to wait until we completed the collection before writing about it. The above photo shows the Fighter version accessorize with a Santa hat.
Next is the Elementalist version, also with a Santa hat. It's pretty adorable, like something for a doll.
The Scout version is pretty sporty.
The Wizard version is quite daring with the garter belt and knee high black boots. Shown is also the Rudolph hat.
Finally, we have the Musketeer version with the Rudolph hat. Like her other outfits, the coat tails extends to mid thigh.

Christmas Stocking

We started to use some of our consumables today. The description for the Christmas Stocking that we received from the Holiday Minstrel stated that it would give a buff. Upon using it, we got a buff that gave +30% experience for 1800 seconds. The drawback was that HP regeneration was halted. We were initially worried that SP regeneration would be halted too as the description was vague but was relieved when we discovered that it wasn't the case.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pondering about fesos

The recent dealings with fesos got just pondering about their value. We had already guessed that they are undervalued and that it wasn't worth it to directly convert gold to fesos in order to sell to other families but haven't actually calculated the numbers until today. As it is possible to obtain fesos from the environment without spending any gold at the bazaar, perhaps it is that reason or perception of that reason which is driving down the price of fesos in relation to other bazaar items.

So taking some values from a market manager spot check, we have the following numbers:
  • Veteran Promotional Scroll = 200 million vis
  • Expert Promotional Scroll = 235 million
  • Quarter Slot = 16.5 million
  • Enchant Booster & Upgrade Accelerator = 14 million
  • Mysterious Powder = 7.5 million
Assuming that fesos are being traded at a rate of 1:250 (which we usually see broadcast), this means the following items are worth:
  • Veteran Promotional Scroll = 800k fesos
  • Expert Promotional Scroll = 940k
  • Quarter Slot = 66k
  • Enchant Booster & Upgrade Accelerator = 56k
  • Mysterious Powder = 31k
Checking the bazaar, we have the following prices for the same items:
  • Veteran Promotional Scroll = 425 gold (assuming the 3 for 1275 gold bundle)
  • Expert Promotional Scroll = 450 gold (3 for 1350 gold)
  • Quarter Slot = 100 gold
  • Enchant Booster = 21.25 gold (20 for 425 gold)
  • Upgrade Accelerator = 26.25 gold (20 for 525 gold)
  • Mysterious Powder = 16.61 gold (90 for 1495 gold)
Hence, the ratios are:
  • Veteran Promotional Scroll = 1.88
  • Expert Promotional Scroll = 2.08
  • Quarter Slot = Less than 1 so it's not worth it to sell. There are still too many Quarter Slots floating around from the recent free injection.
  • Enchant Booster = 2.63, This seems to be the most cost effective item of this list to convert from gold into vis. We don't really know how well it sold though.
  • Upgrade Accelerator = 2.13
  • Mysterious Powder = 1.81

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thought Process during the Tiger's Number Guessing Game

The following may be cryptic but it was our thought processes when we played the tiger's number guessing game. We're sure that in the future, we'll forget about it, hence we're recording it such that we may look back on it with nostalgia.

During our time playing the number guessing game, our best record was winning on round 2 (which was quite scary due to the bug of winning on round 1) while the worst was winning on round 8 (which usually left us frustrated as it meant that we overlooked something). Most of the time, we would win on round 6 which at tier 2, would give us 5 points. Reviewing the rules of the game, the tiger is thinking of a 3 digit number consisting of the digits 0 through 9. We must enter a 3 digit number otherwise a chance to guess is wasted as the guess is counted as incorrect. For a given 3 digit guess, if a digit is present and in the correct position of the 3 digit number, the tiger will move its front paw. If a digit is present but in the wrong position, the tiger will move its rear paw. There isn't a need to stare at the tiger for paw movement as someone else will notice it and announce it.

So within the first 3 rounds, we try to gather all the clues necessary to determine the location of the 3 digits. We do this by guessing 3 sets of numbers: 135, 246, and 789. The actual digits didn't matter so long as they don't repeat and 0 is not part of them. In quite a few of the cases, just guessing 135 and 246 was enough to determine that all 3 digits was a part of those 2 sets of numbers and which set contained more digits than the other.
The best possible outcome other than guessing correctly through luck is to have a guess show that all 3 digits are part of the same set. At this point, the correct number can usually be determined in 2 guesses, if not the very next guess. This is because all that is required is to swap or shift digits.

The next best outcome is if it is shown that the digit 0 is present. The digit 0 is present when guessing the initial 3 sets only shows the presence of 2 digits. We intentionally left out guessing 0 as part of the initial 3 guesses because the digit 0 can only appear in the 2nd or 3rd positions so it was a waste to leave out what we could determine from the 1st position. If the digit 0 is present, always include it in the future guesses and note whether we have it in the correct position. This reduces the number of digits and positions that we have to determine down to 2.

The next desirable outcome is to have 1 set contain 2 digits. Although we don't know which of the digits are the correct ones, we can usually determine from the next guess whether we've excluded the correct one. If 1 or more of those digits are already in the correct positions, it's even better.

The worst outcome is to have each of the 3 initial sets contain 1 correct digit each and in the wrong positions. In that case, the 4th guess will contain a digit from each of the 3 initial guesses but at different positions than they appeared in the initial 3 guesses. Then the 5th guess will contain 2 of the digits from the 4th guess but a different 3rd digit and at a different position while still keeping the rule of having 1 digit from each of the 3 initial sets. Regardless of how the tiger move its paws, we would have definitely determined one of the digits on that 5th guess, and hopefully in the correct position too.

So in summary, we try to have each guess reveal as much information as to the presence of digits and their positions as possible. Unless we are absolutely certain about whether a digit is present and at the correct position (which we can usually only do with the digit 0), we move each of the digits to different positions. By the 5th guess, we can then use the process of elimination and what-if scenarios to determine the correct answer at the 6th guess.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tiger Pets

We realized that we haven't summoned the tigers to take photos of them yet so here they are. The white one heals and casts defensive enchantments.
As we though the white tiger might be lonely, we also got the ginger and black tigers too. The ginger tiger loots.
Finally, the black tiger heals and casts enchantments that help with offense.

Have we mentioned that we really hate the Holiday Minstrel....

Friday, January 1, 2010

1001 Points

Early this afternoon, we played enough of the number guessing game to accumulate enough points such that our point total was 1001. We heard that the right to purchase a tiger pet becomes available at this point and wandered around town looking for it. It wasn't until we won an additional game beyond the 1000 points that the reward dialog lead to new options. As we only met the 1000 point level, purchasing a pet required 400,000 fesos. We chose the White Tiger, received the box, and had the Pet Keeper in Gigante Beach add it to our family. Someday, we'll summon it and take some photos.

On the unfortunate side, as we spent our gold on fesos, our gold stores just missed the mark on purchasing the Expert Bundle by 10 gold. As reaching that level is still a long way to come (if ever), we're not too worried.