Friday, January 1, 2010

1001 Points

Early this afternoon, we played enough of the number guessing game to accumulate enough points such that our point total was 1001. We heard that the right to purchase a tiger pet becomes available at this point and wandered around town looking for it. It wasn't until we won an additional game beyond the 1000 points that the reward dialog lead to new options. As we only met the 1000 point level, purchasing a pet required 400,000 fesos. We chose the White Tiger, received the box, and had the Pet Keeper in Gigante Beach add it to our family. Someday, we'll summon it and take some photos.

On the unfortunate side, as we spent our gold on fesos, our gold stores just missed the mark on purchasing the Expert Bundle by 10 gold. As reaching that level is still a long way to come (if ever), we're not too worried.

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