Monday, January 18, 2010

Helped another with Gertrude's quest

Early yesterday evening, we helped another family with their Joaquin Diaries portion of Gertrude Peterson's recruitment quest. It was one of the most entertaining times we had in months. The quest involved traversing the whole 5 levels of Joaquin Prison in order to look for Gulag Furnaces which contain the Joaquin Diaries. We brought along our wizard (for her Photon Splash skill), Emilia (in case someone is knocked out and also for her ranged attack), and our Grace (for Gigante Blaster). The other family brought along M'Boma, Gracielo, and Grace.

Most of the time, we were running down both sides of the corridor, using our shotguns as we went. For rooms, it would be time to fly. Along the way, we defeated a Vladimir and a Fallen Champion but nothing of significance was dropped. One of the more memorable moments was casting Photon Splash around the other family's Gracielo as they were checking out a Gulag Furnace. A angry mob was forming around Gracielo as he was checking the furnace and no one else was able to reach him in time. It was like being in a survival horror feature but knowing that there will be a happy ending.

In the whole time that we were in the complex, we only encountered at most of 4 other families.

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