Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Portmanteau boxes

So it appears that the new Portmanteau 2 boxes were made available yesterday while the older Portmanteau 1 boxes are no longer available. It's unfortunate that we never managed to purchase Clair's and Emilia's costumes and they have now risen dramatically in price. We brought 3 of the Karjalain Portmanteau boxes yesterday from the bazaar to try our luck and received an experience card that gave over 900,000 points, a Mysterious Key which we may never use, and 1 level 92 enchantment chip. That one level 92 enchantment chip was especially depressing and dissuaded us from buying more boxes even though the possibility of getting Grace's new costume made it so tempting.

On the bright side, browsing the market yesterday allowed us to practice arbitrage and we managed to produce a level 100 enchantment chip along with increasing our vis by a few million.

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