Friday, January 15, 2010

Shocking news regarding costumes

We learned on the forums today that the permanent costumes from the bazaar with no longer be available when the next update arrives. This called for an emergency meeting in which we requested a shipment of Gold from the old world to outfit our various family members. After all, it may be more expensive due purchase them in the future due to the luck factor. Photos will be available in later posts.

To illustrate the point on the frustration of gambling on boxes to obtain one desired costume, we spent a little over 3000 Gold to obtain the White Vent. Fortunately, we only got 2 Mysterious Keys but unfortunately, we got at least a dozen Samurai helmets of various colors that are only usable by male Fighters. Other things we obtained were 2 Elite Storm Cockatrice spinelles, 2 level 100 enchantment chips, a few (maybe 2) level 92 enchantment chips, and 8 level 90 experience cards giving 920,000+ points each.

1 comment:

Reverend PoGo said...

this really sux. game has always been a pay to play to get anywhere type game and now they taking away the costumes :< really begins to be a pain to play
my family name is Pogo :P