Sunday, January 24, 2010

State of the economy

It's been a little more than 3 months since we made an entry about the state of the economy on Bristia. During that time there's been events, new items, new boxes, and the obviously inflation. Something notable this month was that the median market manager price of Mysterious Powder has reached 8 digits (10,000,000+ vis) and stayed that way. Of course for private transactions, the price could be as low as 6 million each. In fact, we sold a few to a fellow clan member earlier today at 7.5 million (they picked the price).

The graph above may not be accurate where the lines are horizontal. This is because those items were not being listed on the market at the time we were checking and therefore, we used the value from the week prior. An example of this would be Pure Otite, which we have not seen listed on the market for the past 2 weeks.

For tonight's median prices,
Mysterious Powder - 10 million
Pure Otite - No entries for the past 2 weeks
Treasure Core - 850,000. It was actually 1 million before we balanced it out with a lower priced listing.
Enchantment Chip Level 84 - About 2.3 million
Enchantment Chip Level 92 - About 8 million
Enchantment Chip Level 100 - About 59 million
Upgrade Accelerator - 17 million
Enchant Booster - 13.1 million
Veteran Promotion Scroll - 250 million. This may have been impacted by the recently discount that is expected to last 1 month.
Expert Promotion Scroll - No entries at the moment but it was more than 300 million when we saw it earlier.
Quarter Slot - About 20 million

We're actually not sure on the feso ratio at the moment. It was around 1 feso to 300 vis at the beginning of the month when the tiger event was ongoing. However, we've seen broadcasts about it being at 1:500 and even 1:1000. Perhaps people are rushing to buy tiger pets before the wanderer goes away. We've actually seen a family in Port Coimbra last week begging people to buy their overprice wares in fesos just so that they could purchase the tiger pet boxes.

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