Friday, February 26, 2010

Noticing more features

Tonight, we noticed that our clan has uploaded a clan emblem. Unfortunately, these emblems only seem to be viewable within the clan (Alt+T) and not visible when doing a "/partyprofile". Our clan's emblem is some strange purple alien blob (with eyes) that we couldn't quite identify.

We also took advantage of the Polisher Exchanger tonight. This person is located next to the soldier that exchanges your polishers for ancestral items. Three polishers of one level can be exchanged for 1 polisher of a higher level. This goes all the way to the Veteran polishers in which 3 Veteran polishers can be exchanged for a Ancient Damaged polisher. So far, we've exchanged all the polishers of the 2 lowest levels that we could and may repeat the procedure another night. There was also the option to exchange 1 polisher and some fesos for the next highest level too but we didn't take advantage of that.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Updated to 3.4

Last night's maintenance updated the world to version 3.4. The official forum has notes but we've also noticed a few things not covered by the notes (or we may have missed it).
  • The attribute points of Veteran (and above) characters have been reset. We wouldn't have known if our clan hadn't told us to reassign our 10 points. It's like a having free memoirs. For most of our characters we assigned them the same way as before the update but for Romina, we chose Strength this time rather than Dexterity.
  • NPC shopkeepers now have filtering such that we don't have to browse through their entire catalog.
  • Eduardo's personality appears to have changed. Instead of mumbling and acting depressed/spaced out, he now cheerily says "Interesting" and "Let's Go!". Not sure if this was new but it certainly surprised us.
  • The fonts of some of the minimaps have changed such as in New Opoluto. In particular, the fonts have been thicker.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last 2 evening's activities

It's been mostly the same during the last 2 evening in that we did a few Mission Trinity 3s each night to use up our lower level family members' LTA buff. One more evening should be enough to exhaust it completely. There wasn't a great need to report on the drops (unless they are significant) as it's been the usual lower level elites and various rings. In fact, we couldn't even keep track of it and have probably accidentally sold at least one ring and one piece of equipment to a shopkeeper. Some families got wind of the benefits of Trinity 3s since their prices jumped from 315k each on Sunday night to over a million each last night. At that price point, it would be better to take a gamble on Bellem Boxes to accumulate the missions.

Chatting with another family last night, we were convinced to explore the Katovic Snowfields with only our wizard. The point being that as she can fly, the creatures on the ground would be unable to reach her and she will be free to fly around to hunt for Golden Apples and Cabbages. For about half an hour of effort, we manage to find 1 Cabbage and a bunch of Lazim Scales. The actually seemed like a great reward given the time spent but actively surviving in the Katovic Snowfields was quite tedious due to the need to recharge SP via Soul Fillers. Falling back on the ground would have meant certain pain due to the large crowds that have gathered to peer up her Santa dress.

During the night before, our chat with the other family lead us to reminisce about the new immigrant experience. In particular, we were surprised to discovered that Gracielo had traveled on the same ship as us in the very beginning. We had only remembered Najib and Captain Ricardo back then.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The world map has changed!

The world map has changed for the first time this year! The Epiphany clan managed to take over the Tetra Hills colony at literally the last minute of the Colony War.
We wonder if they will be able to hold it next week or make any other changes.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Luck with rings

Another night of Trinity 3s but this time we seem to have more luck with rings than with elites as we only obtained 3 elite equipment but several rings. Rings included:
  • Hawkeye (aka Hawkeye Masque) - For Calypso's Sagitta stance. Ring is level 64.
  • Rhapsody in Black - For Vincent's Minstrel stance. Another level 64 ring.
  • White Tiger Strike - For Baek Ho's Mind stance. Level 56
  • Cross Penetration - Twin Blades stance. Level 56
  • Quick and the Dead - Freestyle Shot stance. Level 44
  • Double Firing - Aiming Shot stance. Level 32
The 3 elite equipment tonight were:
  • Level 36 Elite Pugio (dagger) - We weren't even aware that we picked this up until writing this entry.
  • 2 Level 52 Elite Recoiless Cannon

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Evening's activities

Another evening spent in Mission Lobby Trinity 3 (about 1.5 hours) tonight. This time, we picked up at least 2 level 52 elite weapons (a sword, a bracelet, and at least one other item that we've forgotten about as it mixed within the inventory) and a few rings. Of note was a Prompt Action ring for the Tactical Assistance stance whose listed level was only 56. We placed an elite level 52 robe and an elite level 52 shotgun on the market for 15 million each to see how they would sell and the robe sold within 5 minutes. We're still waiting on the weapon though. It was pretty difficult to judge their prices as there were few listings and one of the more prolific sellers listed a bunch of items for 45 million each which seemed unrealistic.

We also had a brief chat with the Gunthier family near the end of our evening. We had not seen them for months and therefore we shared some information with each other about what we knew about our former clan members from our previous clan.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Family Level 25

Our family reached level 25+3 tonight due to the lower level family members having their levels raised by Jack through the use of Mission Lobby Trinity 3. In tonight's case, Ramiro and Irawain reached level 48 and Panfilo reached level 42. We also picked up a few level 52 elite equipment too and am wondering if there is a market for them as they are now filling up our precious warehouse space. Checking the market, we find that there are listings for around 50 million but we wonder if it will really sell at those prices. We'll check again tomorrow night to see if the listings have changed.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Lunar New Year

Tonight, we were lucky with the Trinity missions. We found a level 52 elite Shotgun, 3 rings (Walter Control, Web, and Power of Earth), and Catherine's Pelvis within 3 missions. Our clan roster is strangely asleep tonight as are people on our contact list. The markets also showed fewer that normal listings too when we checked. Perhaps everyone is out partying.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Surprising relevations from chat

Last night's activities consisted mostly of chatting with other players. While chatting, we did spent some time getting Soso to level 79 by having her train alone in Joaquin. The chat itself and watching other people's conversations was particularly interesting as we discovered that a recently infamous family (from attacking one of our fellow clan members via baron this weekend) was in fact closely related to a respected family that we knew in the past. We had formed a squad in Topolo Durga back then with their Fighter and they were quite active in the old forums but did not appear in the current forums. As their old family had seemingly disappeared from the world, we had thought they had given up but apparently that was not the case.

This makes us wonder how many families out there are truly unique and not closely related to other families in the past. Who knows if that seemingly young family wandering around town is really a offshoot of some ancient family.

For interesting celebrity sightings in Auch, we saw the girls of the DalVantiez family and a boy from the Ceres clan flirting with each other. We have a photo and will need to dig it up to find out which boy (Ramiro or Tiburon) and from which Ceres family. They wouldn't have normally attracted our attention if they weren't continuously posing as we were browsing the market. To date, we still haven't figured out how to do quick continuous poses like that.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend activities

We were unusually active this weekend. This was mostly because on Saturday, we helped a younger family with the Ustier quests. It started with helping them find Pepito's Rum in a tree stump in Ustier Uno and continued with escorting them to Ustier Tres to open the way to the Skeleton Dungeon. Inside, we escorted their sole surviving member to the Mysterious Altar at the end of first floor and helped them collect the 100 Bone Sarira. As it was still early in the evening, we also escorted them to the altar on the second floor and managed to collect 91 out of 150 Bone Sarira before they called it a day in order to spend the night at Fire Isle.

On Sunday, we managed to get our summoner Catherine to level 84 and switched her out of the level 80 pioneer leather she was wearing and into an elite level 84 robe. She was also able to use the Wooden Controller for the first time but we haven't tested how effective it really is. The Wooden Controller seems to be notoriously difficult to enchant with 3 out of 4 chips ending in with no enchantments. It would seem like a waste to use Enchantment Boosters on it considering that a single Enchantment Booster now costs 4 to 5 times more than a level 84 enchantment chip. These controllers also seem rare on the market and during the entire week of browsing, we only saw a single one and it was listed for 400 million vis (granted it was +5 with +2 AR).

A near term plan is to get Soso to level 80 as she is already midway to level 79. This will probably take a few evenings. We're currently debating on whether to try to get a martial artist promoted to Veteran. On one hand, we have a few Tetra unique equipment that can be used to make elite level 92 knuckles. On the other hand, we will probably have to farm the Pure Otite ourselves as they were listed for a whopping 28 million vis each on the market last night. We're also lacking good leather armor for them but we can always convince Adelina and Calypso to share theirs.

We also had a long chat with a former clan member yesterday afternoon. Her family only rarely comes out of the barracks anymore and if they do, it's mostly for chatting as her goals (reaching Veteran, etc) are complete. Of course, the conservation got us thinking of what our goals are and the feasibility of achieving them. We're thinking of removing the goal of Expert promotion or perhaps moving it to the lowest priority since at the current rate of progress, the end of the world will probably come before it is achieved. There also isn't much spurring us toward that goal as an increasing number of our colleagues are no longer venturing out of the barracks.

For positive news, we've ordered a work of art from the old world. As it comes from a land far far away, it will take weeks if not months to reach us. It's something that may get Andre excited.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Mission Interchange

We tested out Jack with a little more than a half dozen Mission Interchanges. Although each mission ended with a "Failure", our goal was not to beat it according to the mission objective. Instead, we were hunting for treasure and managed to acquire 2 Castor Guards, an Elite Level 28 Blade (sabre) recipe, and a whole bunch of Golden Coupons. We think we're getting the hang of this particular mission. The Castor Guards may be turned into Tetra Vindictive stones in the future or we may sell them. Perhaps we'll turn them into elite level 92 knuckles if we ever manage to promote a martial artist to veteran.

In this particular mission lobby, we managed to trim our use of constructions to 2 fences, 4 siege cannons (2 sets of 2 each since they expire before the end of the mission), and 8 regular cannons (also 2 sets of 4). The siege cannons are placed in the center such that they can cover both entrances while a fence at each entrance keeps the bosses occupied. A set of 2 regular cannons would flank each fence for additional damage.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Evening's activities

These past few evenings, we've been training up Jack and Summoner Catherine and right before maintenance, we managed to get Jack to level 84 and Summoner Catherine to level 80. Initially, they were at the same level but we had been saving up the level 80 experience cards to use on Jack such that he could reach the level where he could use the hammer faster. Once they had hit 80, we switched them to over to a new set of pioneer armor along with a new set of boots and gloves. Their ability to survive in El Canon after that was quite a lot. Catherine's puppets are also starting to become useful in this map in clearing out the surrounding area.

In the few nights that we spent there, we managed to collect about 170 Treasure Cores. We're not entirely sure what to do next though. Perhaps we'll start trying the Mission Lobbies or train up some of the other lower level characters. It's been maddening to try to actively level to Expert and we're pretty sick of Bahamar Wetlands.