Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Evening's activities

These past few evenings, we've been training up Jack and Summoner Catherine and right before maintenance, we managed to get Jack to level 84 and Summoner Catherine to level 80. Initially, they were at the same level but we had been saving up the level 80 experience cards to use on Jack such that he could reach the level where he could use the hammer faster. Once they had hit 80, we switched them to over to a new set of pioneer armor along with a new set of boots and gloves. Their ability to survive in El Canon after that was quite a lot. Catherine's puppets are also starting to become useful in this map in clearing out the surrounding area.

In the few nights that we spent there, we managed to collect about 170 Treasure Cores. We're not entirely sure what to do next though. Perhaps we'll start trying the Mission Lobbies or train up some of the other lower level characters. It's been maddening to try to actively level to Expert and we're pretty sick of Bahamar Wetlands.

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