Thursday, February 18, 2010

Evening's activities

Another evening spent in Mission Lobby Trinity 3 (about 1.5 hours) tonight. This time, we picked up at least 2 level 52 elite weapons (a sword, a bracelet, and at least one other item that we've forgotten about as it mixed within the inventory) and a few rings. Of note was a Prompt Action ring for the Tactical Assistance stance whose listed level was only 56. We placed an elite level 52 robe and an elite level 52 shotgun on the market for 15 million each to see how they would sell and the robe sold within 5 minutes. We're still waiting on the weapon though. It was pretty difficult to judge their prices as there were few listings and one of the more prolific sellers listed a bunch of items for 45 million each which seemed unrealistic.

We also had a brief chat with the Gunthier family near the end of our evening. We had not seen them for months and therefore we shared some information with each other about what we knew about our former clan members from our previous clan.

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