Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last 2 evening's activities

It's been mostly the same during the last 2 evening in that we did a few Mission Trinity 3s each night to use up our lower level family members' LTA buff. One more evening should be enough to exhaust it completely. There wasn't a great need to report on the drops (unless they are significant) as it's been the usual lower level elites and various rings. In fact, we couldn't even keep track of it and have probably accidentally sold at least one ring and one piece of equipment to a shopkeeper. Some families got wind of the benefits of Trinity 3s since their prices jumped from 315k each on Sunday night to over a million each last night. At that price point, it would be better to take a gamble on Bellem Boxes to accumulate the missions.

Chatting with another family last night, we were convinced to explore the Katovic Snowfields with only our wizard. The point being that as she can fly, the creatures on the ground would be unable to reach her and she will be free to fly around to hunt for Golden Apples and Cabbages. For about half an hour of effort, we manage to find 1 Cabbage and a bunch of Lazim Scales. The actually seemed like a great reward given the time spent but actively surviving in the Katovic Snowfields was quite tedious due to the need to recharge SP via Soul Fillers. Falling back on the ground would have meant certain pain due to the large crowds that have gathered to peer up her Santa dress.

During the night before, our chat with the other family lead us to reminisce about the new immigrant experience. In particular, we were surprised to discovered that Gracielo had traveled on the same ship as us in the very beginning. We had only remembered Najib and Captain Ricardo back then.

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