Friday, February 19, 2010

Luck with rings

Another night of Trinity 3s but this time we seem to have more luck with rings than with elites as we only obtained 3 elite equipment but several rings. Rings included:
  • Hawkeye (aka Hawkeye Masque) - For Calypso's Sagitta stance. Ring is level 64.
  • Rhapsody in Black - For Vincent's Minstrel stance. Another level 64 ring.
  • White Tiger Strike - For Baek Ho's Mind stance. Level 56
  • Cross Penetration - Twin Blades stance. Level 56
  • Quick and the Dead - Freestyle Shot stance. Level 44
  • Double Firing - Aiming Shot stance. Level 32
The 3 elite equipment tonight were:
  • Level 36 Elite Pugio (dagger) - We weren't even aware that we picked this up until writing this entry.
  • 2 Level 52 Elite Recoiless Cannon


Anonymous said...

which chars and level do you often use to powerlevel your nubs in trin 3?

WW said...

My level 84 Jack does all the work.

I usually bring 2 other characters whose levels range from 40 to 61. Seeing as I just recently saw a level 63 Victor (their levels seems random), I'll probably increase the upper limit to 68.

Anonymous said...

so you bring a vet/expert and 2 other lowbies?

WW said...

No, Jack is the highest at level 84.

The lowbies are between 40 to mid 60s.