Friday, February 5, 2010

Mission Interchange

We tested out Jack with a little more than a half dozen Mission Interchanges. Although each mission ended with a "Failure", our goal was not to beat it according to the mission objective. Instead, we were hunting for treasure and managed to acquire 2 Castor Guards, an Elite Level 28 Blade (sabre) recipe, and a whole bunch of Golden Coupons. We think we're getting the hang of this particular mission. The Castor Guards may be turned into Tetra Vindictive stones in the future or we may sell them. Perhaps we'll turn them into elite level 92 knuckles if we ever manage to promote a martial artist to veteran.

In this particular mission lobby, we managed to trim our use of constructions to 2 fences, 4 siege cannons (2 sets of 2 each since they expire before the end of the mission), and 8 regular cannons (also 2 sets of 4). The siege cannons are placed in the center such that they can cover both entrances while a fence at each entrance keeps the bosses occupied. A set of 2 regular cannons would flank each fence for additional damage.

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