Friday, February 26, 2010

Noticing more features

Tonight, we noticed that our clan has uploaded a clan emblem. Unfortunately, these emblems only seem to be viewable within the clan (Alt+T) and not visible when doing a "/partyprofile". Our clan's emblem is some strange purple alien blob (with eyes) that we couldn't quite identify.

We also took advantage of the Polisher Exchanger tonight. This person is located next to the soldier that exchanges your polishers for ancestral items. Three polishers of one level can be exchanged for 1 polisher of a higher level. This goes all the way to the Veteran polishers in which 3 Veteran polishers can be exchanged for a Ancient Damaged polisher. So far, we've exchanged all the polishers of the 2 lowest levels that we could and may repeat the procedure another night. There was also the option to exchange 1 polisher and some fesos for the next highest level too but we didn't take advantage of that.

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