Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Surprising relevations from chat

Last night's activities consisted mostly of chatting with other players. While chatting, we did spent some time getting Soso to level 79 by having her train alone in Joaquin. The chat itself and watching other people's conversations was particularly interesting as we discovered that a recently infamous family (from attacking one of our fellow clan members via baron this weekend) was in fact closely related to a respected family that we knew in the past. We had formed a squad in Topolo Durga back then with their Fighter and they were quite active in the old forums but did not appear in the current forums. As their old family had seemingly disappeared from the world, we had thought they had given up but apparently that was not the case.

This makes us wonder how many families out there are truly unique and not closely related to other families in the past. Who knows if that seemingly young family wandering around town is really a offshoot of some ancient family.

For interesting celebrity sightings in Auch, we saw the girls of the DalVantiez family and a boy from the Ceres clan flirting with each other. We have a photo and will need to dig it up to find out which boy (Ramiro or Tiburon) and from which Ceres family. They wouldn't have normally attracted our attention if they weren't continuously posing as we were browsing the market. To date, we still haven't figured out how to do quick continuous poses like that.


Anonymous said...

to pose fast keep your mouse on the Execute button in the pose command window while using another hand to move up and down with the arrow buttons.

I'm Bacario from Bristia btw. First time reading your blog, looks interesting.

WW said...

Thanks, I'll give that a try tonight.

Anonymous said...

You could also try the keyboard shortcuts, I think they start from ctrl+alt+1 and cover all the letter + number keys or so.