Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Updated to 3.4

Last night's maintenance updated the world to version 3.4. The official forum has notes but we've also noticed a few things not covered by the notes (or we may have missed it).
  • The attribute points of Veteran (and above) characters have been reset. We wouldn't have known if our clan hadn't told us to reassign our 10 points. It's like a having free memoirs. For most of our characters we assigned them the same way as before the update but for Romina, we chose Strength this time rather than Dexterity.
  • NPC shopkeepers now have filtering such that we don't have to browse through their entire catalog.
  • Eduardo's personality appears to have changed. Instead of mumbling and acting depressed/spaced out, he now cheerily says "Interesting" and "Let's Go!". Not sure if this was new but it certainly surprised us.
  • The fonts of some of the minimaps have changed such as in New Opoluto. In particular, the fonts have been thicker.

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