Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend activities

We were unusually active this weekend. This was mostly because on Saturday, we helped a younger family with the Ustier quests. It started with helping them find Pepito's Rum in a tree stump in Ustier Uno and continued with escorting them to Ustier Tres to open the way to the Skeleton Dungeon. Inside, we escorted their sole surviving member to the Mysterious Altar at the end of first floor and helped them collect the 100 Bone Sarira. As it was still early in the evening, we also escorted them to the altar on the second floor and managed to collect 91 out of 150 Bone Sarira before they called it a day in order to spend the night at Fire Isle.

On Sunday, we managed to get our summoner Catherine to level 84 and switched her out of the level 80 pioneer leather she was wearing and into an elite level 84 robe. She was also able to use the Wooden Controller for the first time but we haven't tested how effective it really is. The Wooden Controller seems to be notoriously difficult to enchant with 3 out of 4 chips ending in with no enchantments. It would seem like a waste to use Enchantment Boosters on it considering that a single Enchantment Booster now costs 4 to 5 times more than a level 84 enchantment chip. These controllers also seem rare on the market and during the entire week of browsing, we only saw a single one and it was listed for 400 million vis (granted it was +5 with +2 AR).

A near term plan is to get Soso to level 80 as she is already midway to level 79. This will probably take a few evenings. We're currently debating on whether to try to get a martial artist promoted to Veteran. On one hand, we have a few Tetra unique equipment that can be used to make elite level 92 knuckles. On the other hand, we will probably have to farm the Pure Otite ourselves as they were listed for a whopping 28 million vis each on the market last night. We're also lacking good leather armor for them but we can always convince Adelina and Calypso to share theirs.

We also had a long chat with a former clan member yesterday afternoon. Her family only rarely comes out of the barracks anymore and if they do, it's mostly for chatting as her goals (reaching Veteran, etc) are complete. Of course, the conservation got us thinking of what our goals are and the feasibility of achieving them. We're thinking of removing the goal of Expert promotion or perhaps moving it to the lowest priority since at the current rate of progress, the end of the world will probably come before it is achieved. There also isn't much spurring us toward that goal as an increasing number of our colleagues are no longer venturing out of the barracks.

For positive news, we've ordered a work of art from the old world. As it comes from a land far far away, it will take weeks if not months to reach us. It's something that may get Andre excited.

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